The Nike Golf Vest – Stylish and Comfortable

4 Reasons to Consider Adding a Nike Golf Vest to your Golfing Attire

It can actually be pretty tough to find the proper kind of golf vest these days, especially because there are just so many different varieties out there. If you have finally decided to buy one from Nike, congratulations because this brand is quite well known for producing some of the greatest apparel to have ever seen the green.

But, before you go and make that purchase, it might just help if you look at what makes a good Nike golf vest.

And, if you do, then you will certainly understand why it is that most people prefer to wear these golf shirts over anything else out there.

Below are some of the top reasons that I can think of as to why the Nike golf vest is just simply great.

Mens Nike Golf Vest

One: Durability and High Collar Technology.

These are two things that will help you stay warm and dry even when you are outside in cold weather conditions.

When you are wearing a Nike golf vest, you will see that the material that was used to make the shirt itself also offers high collars which are used to minimize ripping when you do fall.

However, the high collar does not stop at the neckline but extends all the way to the sleeves.

This is because the synthetic insulation used in making these shirts also has an excellent water-repellent finish that will keep you from getting wet regardless of how hot the weather is outside.

Also, you will definitely appreciate the fact that the Nike golf vest is designed to be stain-resistant and mold resistant as well, which makes it perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions.womens Nike golf vest

Two: Water-Repellent Finish.

Since the primary reason why you would want to wear aΒ  Nike golf vest is to stay as warm as possible throughout your round of golf, you are definitely going to appreciate the way the material used on the garment dries out quickly, leaving you with no problems as far as getting rained on is concerned.

The fabric used is actually called Therma lining and it has a high water-repellent finish that was originally designed for astronauts. What this means is that the lining will absorb the sweat that is produced by your body but it will also repel the moisture from the air. The result is that your skin stays dry and you are able to play for much longer without having to worry about getting sick.

Three: A Variety of Designs.

There are a lot of golf Vest designs available that offer different looks, features and benefits. For example, some have an adjustable Velcro strap that allows you to adjust how low or high you want the golf vest to hang from your torso. There are also several different colors, each of which are designed to blend well with your skin color and any other accessories that you may wear.

Four: A Variety of Materials.

As mentioned above, there are many different materials that Nike Golf provides for use in making a golf vest. One of these is the ThermaFIT Elite fabric, which is made out of a patented synthetic material that is known for being very effective at wicking moisture away from the body.

By using such a high-tech fabric, Nike Golf is able to create a golf vest that is extremely comfortable and yet fully capable of keeping you warm and dry in the cold months. There is even a liner included with the ThermaFIT that allows you to layer your Golf Training pants or shorts to provide extra warmth.

With all of these amazing features and benefits, it’s easy to see why so many pro golfers prefer Nike Golf gear. From apparel to golf balls, shoes to gloves, there is something for everyone.

f you haven’t yet checked out what the rave is all about, then you won’t know what you’re missing. You can shop online for your new gear and get ready for the ultimate game on any level.

So what are you waiting for?

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