Tappan Golf Center – A Great Place to Shop

The Tappan Golf Center is a great stop for all of one’s golfing needs.

Located on Highway 36-A in the hills of West Orange County, the Tappan Golf Center is a genuine community driving range with links overlooking the surrounding landscape of rural Orange County.

It is a full service driving range with an enormous amount of driving range equipment including woods, hybrids and drivers, pro shops, snack bars, clubhouses and picnic facilities. All of these are just some of the features that make this golf course a top choice of players from Orange County, as well as those out travelling in the area.

tappan golf center

There are two full driving ranges at Tappan golf center, which include the Mark-Zimmerman Aire-VRPGA, and the Mark-Zimmerman Pro-Shop Aire VRPGA.

Both of these ranges boast several holes with the Mark-Zimmerman Aire VRPGA being sixteen feet long with a par four that measures a mere ninety-two feet, and the pro shop portion has three bunkers to house putters and a couple of cages.

While on the topic of cages, there are also three batting cages located on the property, each with their own benches and elevated floors so that one can practice hitting from close range. The pitching and batting cages are both removable and portable.

These pitching and batting cages are also accompanied by a pitching machine and an electric bat.

The Tappan Golf Center has two bunkers on its premises which house junior golf equipment.

Located on the second floor, the junior driving range has two different greens to practice on. Located on the first floor, the batting cages have two different greens to use; one that is only used during practice, and one that is open for everyone to use.

In addition to these two levels of playing surfaces, the driving range has a putting green, a chipping green, a sand trap, and a putting green that is only used during practice. The driving range is a nice place for kids to run around and hit some balls.

When it comes to the sporting supplies section of the Tappan Golf Center, you will find several types of swing sets, as well as three indoor games designated for groups of people.

For those who do not have the time or want to make it more fun, Tappan has a karting track, which allows you to watch a driver go around an obstacle course, while you try to beat him/her.

You can also go-karts indoors if you choose, which are a great way to spend the afternoon with friends. There are also several picnic tables available to rent if you wish to go-karting while also watching the children play in the driving range.

If indoor activities are not your idea of a great place to go while in town, Tappan also has a mini-golf facility on the premises. It is a great place for the family to go for a day of miniature golfing. The batting cages are located off of the driving range, so you do not have to worry about stray balls ending up in your yard.

The mini-golf facility offers great picnic tables, as well as serving food and refreshments.

While at the Tappan Golf Center, be sure to take advantage of their gift shop. You can purchase golf-related gifts and apparel at this location.

The gift shop also sells golf-related accessories such as ties, shoes, polos, bags, and even golf maps. The Gift Shop has several unique items that are not sold anywhere else.

Be sure to stop by the Tappan Golf Center during your visit to Pinellas County, Florida. This is one of the most unique golf centers in the area, as well as one of the nicest places to shop.

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