RZN Golf Balls-Who Else Wants Explosive Distance?

RZN Golf Balls have made a comeback onto the scene

The former Nike brand now a major brand in its own right thanks to the original developers. The RZN brand has been formed in 2021 and operated from a research and development concept from Nike, aiding to win over 50 professional tours throughout a brief time in Tiger Woods’ bag.

RZN golf balls are made to be as technologically advanced and as advanced in looks as possible, catering to the requirements of golf courses across the world.

One of the most unique features of this brand is that it uses the most cutting edge material available, as well as employing a completely new manufacturing process. As well as using new materials and technology, they have also implemented many different testing methods.


When you first look at an RZN golf ball, there is no mistaking that it is an expensive ball. Indeed, this is clearly a high-end product that is aimed at the top of the golfing community.

However, this does not mean that it is an extremely painful product to play with, nor is it purely a product that will fetch you a great deal of money.

In fact, many golfers have found that the RZN golf balls are extremely friendly to the skin, making them an extremely good choice for players who find themselves frequently playing in sticky conditions on the golf course.

In addition to this, the company has ensured that their products are designed to mold themselves to the shafts of any club you might use, ensuring that every golf ball will feel like it is going to fall into place and hit the ball at the right speed and strength.

RZN golf balls feature a unique four-piece ball construction

Unlike any other balls on the market which feature a single or two-piece construction, the RZN balls feature a full eighteen-piece ball construction.

This is an impressive feat considering that the normal golf ball tends to have only around seven or eight pieces when they are completely unassembled.

The entire ball is made up of a core of high-quality material that has been carefully blended with a secondary core of polycarbonate, providing superior stability and performance.

The primary reason behind the RZN golf balls’ high-quality construction is the high-quality resin that is used to manufacture the balls.

Resin is a very effective material, especially when it comes to high-end products such as golf balls.

Because of its strength and density, the resin is able to provide superior resilience to wear and tear. As well as this, the properties of the resin allow it to be able to absorb impacts more efficiently than other materials, meaning that the RZN ball can stay on the green longer, thanks to the powerful impact absorption capacity.

The product details also tell us that the manufacturing process used to create the RZN golf balls is very precise. Each individual ball is constructed to the exacting specifications of their moulds by hand – a process that takes more time than many might think.

The final result is that each RZN golf ball is unique, with every strand having been produced in exactly the same way so that no two balls are ever identical. In order to ensure that the product is as consistent as possible, each and every ball is handcrafted and honed for extra smoothness by hand, ensuring that each individual strand feels and behaves exactly as it should.

Another important point to note when it comes to the RZN golf ball is that they feature a high level of spin. While most other golf equipment tends to rely on the spin in order to create a more erratic and unpredictable flight, the RZN ball features a smooth, consistent, yet highly spin-worthy surface.

This allows the player to strike the ball with greater control, leading to an overall improved game. One of the other major selling points of this golf ball is that it is completely waterproof. As most golf equipment tends to get damp or wet during use, players are left with no choice but to play with golf equipment that cannot remain hygienically clean.

With the RZN golf ball featuring a high degree of resilience and durability, it becomes easier to carry out golfing whilst remaining hygienic.

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