Haas Family Golf

Haas Family Golf is the perfect place to learn how to play great golf

According to Robert Haas, son of Haas Family Farms, Robert played golf as a youth and has enjoyed it ever since. “I have had many instructors and I always liked playing in grass fields. There are just so many things that are different about playing in a golf field. The layout, the club pros, the weather, just everything seems so much easier.”

Haas family golf founders Robert and his father, have had their own personal copy of the famed Nissen Hauskogeler Senior golf books ever since they were children.Haas Family Golf

“They helped us learn so much about the game,” recalls Robert.

“Books have always been a big part of growing up for us and playing golf.

We have even taken lessons from some of the greatest pros in the world of golf, like Bobby Jones and Tom Watson.”

Robert and his father have hosted numerous seminars and training programs with some of the best teaching staff in the country.

This has made Robert extremely knowledgeable about teaching and he enjoys sharing this with others.

Robert has always been fascinated by the small golf courses in rural areas all over the Midwest where professional tour players go.

One day, Robert came across a website that promoted equipment rental and greenkeepers for a nominal charge.

In addition to rental clubs, it offered greenkeepers, hitting mats, golf bags, and other equipment at a discount.

The Haas family golf pro viewed it as a possible option for their son’s golfing needs.

“I told him it was a great idea and we ordered some, even though it was supposed to be free, just to try it out,” recalls Robert. “I wasn’t very impressed with most of their products but ended up liking the hitting mats for my driving range.

They’re extremely durable and I’ve never used any that I could break or get stuck on. They hold the golf balls really well so I don’t have to worry about them getting worn down quickly. It’s nice to have such a selection, even if we normally stick with my Dad’s golf set.”

“We gave Robert some advice about his driving range strategies and he did really good with it,” says Robert.

“We also decided to buy him a couple of Robert H. Hass driving range bags because he uses them at home and has used them for years.

He’s a great golfer and didn’t hesitate to recommend them to others. Our family’s clubhouse has a lot of different clubs and I’ve even used them for practice at home.

We were really impressed with the quality and the prices at Haas Family Golf “People in the area are getting more serious about playing golf, which is a good thing., especially since we live out of town.”

Driving range equipment is something that we definitely need and it makes the experience a little bit easier for us when we come from out of town,” says Robert.

“It’s nice to be able to go to a driving range and just pick up some balls, instead of having to go shopping for golf balls all the time.” Happy golfing, folks!

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