Golf Swing Basics

[Music] let’s build that simple golf swing now the golf swing is really made up of
three different areas we have a rotation which is the back and forth around the body we have a weight shift which is a
shift to the right and a shift to the left and our follow-through every single good golfer does both of those things
and then the third piece we have isn’t up and down we have to lower into the ground and then push into the ground to
really leverage the ground and get a lot of speed now great golfers do all three of these very well if you watch guys on
the PGA Tour they have these beautiful swings what it’s saying is they have a perfect blend of rotation weight shift
and vertical or up-and-down on the swing and I have a very easy way just follow these steps do these drills and you can
build that same thing into your your swing and make the golf swing a lot more simple okay so the first piece is
rotation and we can think of this as just being level with the ground letting our shoulders go ahead and rotate this
is what I call the power turn in the top speed golf system that’s the rotation back and the rotation through but I’m
going to break it down even simpler than that let’s grab a golf club and put it across our shoulders here and what I
want you to do is just stand straight up and down have this Club move parallel with the ground and if you can imagine a
golf ball in front of me I want to get this this butt or the head of the club pointing to the right of that golf ball
now in order to do that I have to use my legs a little bit I have to let my hips start to rotate I let my buckle belt
buckle go back and then I’ll let my shoulders go back from there and everybody should be able to as long as
you use your hips and legs to get that Club pointing to the right if there’s a golf ball in front of you or imagine a
line straight in front of me I should be able to get that Club pointing to the right of that if you’re not very
flexible loosen up that left leg to get that rotation to the right now from there go ahead and let your body turn
all the way around and get this butt into the club pointing past that straight line and as far into the finish
as you can now again if I let my right foot swivel around if I let my legs and my hips come around everybody should be
able to get past this line now depending on your flexibility you may be able to go farther or shorter past that line but
make sure that foot swivels around if I keep that foot down I’m not going to be able to go very far that’s what I find
is the number one mistake with this player – leg locked they’re keeping their legs
– still and they’re not able to rotate in the backswing they’re not able to rotate in the follow-through and it
kills your distance and it kills the fluidity of your swing so let’s go ahead and do 20 reps going past that line on
the backswing 20 reps going past that line in the forward swing and we’re really going to get the rotation piece
of the golf swing now from there we’re going to tilt this forward the only difference between this which would be
kind of more of a baseball swing swinging level with the ground and a golf swing is that instead of being
level with the ground we’re gonna go ahead and hinge from our hips and do the exact same thing so instead of turning
level now I’m going to hinge from the hips and you’ll see that everything is pointing down to the ground imagine this
like a giant plane of glass kind of like the Hogan plain of glass that’s pretty famous I’m gonna swing on that plane of
glass with my hips and shoulders on the backswing and the fall through now as I come into the follow-through I’m gonna
find that I can only get so far until I have to come up stand up out of my posture and let my body rotate all the
way around let’s do another 20 reps just hinging forward and doing the exact same thing so again I’m building this simple
simple golf swing and I’m not coming to my full finish as I’m doing this so I’m just going back and forth on that plane
of glass rotating as far as I can I find most players again don’t use enough legs and they can’t get very much rotation
but do 20 reps and getting used to going back and through and building that rotation while you’re in your posture
and then we’ll build on this with the next piece in the next the next drill here okay so step number three we have
to add the weight shift of this again put that Club across your shoulders now what we’re going to do is we’re going to
get in our posture I want you to go ahead and put your feet together now as you make your backswing are you swinging
your posture are you rotating your posture I want you to go ahead and step forward so as I do my backward swing of
the golf swing I’m gonna step forward and then as I make my forward swing I’m gonna come all the way around to my good
full finish now what this forces us to do is get a weight shift to the right and the left remember I talked about the
golf swing being rotation which we did in the first two drills it’s a weight shift and it’s a vertical now we’re onto
the weight shift so with my feet close together as soon as I take a step forward my left foot comes off the
ground well where’s all my weight my weight has to be on my right foot because the only
one touching the ground so that ensures that my weight is transferred to the right of my backswing so as I’m making
my backswing my left foot is in the air starting to step forward as I make my
sport swing now my weight has the shift to this front foot in order to be able to finish on this front leg in the
follow-through so you’ll notice again my right toe has barely touching the ground the incorrect way to do this there’s two
different ways number one would be go to the top of the backswing and then try to step and come forward at the same time
that’s not the right way I want to make this step as soon as my backswing starts so I’m stepping as soon as I start to
move I’m stepping forward if I weight to the top of the backswing and then try to step and turn in the downswing there’s
just not enough time I’m all out of whack of the weight shift so the step forward has to happen as soon as I start
to going number two if I do this step forward correct but then as I finish my swing I keep my right foot down I’m not
really going to shift my weight the whole way I’m kind of keeping some weight on my right side I want you to go
ahead and make that step and as you finish all my weights on my left side and my right toe is on the ground get
another 20 reps of this again if do this correctly it looks just like this it’s a very easy drill to do so I’m timing up
that step rotation and my weight shift everything just happens naturally once we get the feel for this drill
alright so under the fourth piece here now we’re going to add that vertical to it so I’ve got the rotation we got the
weight shift we’re only missing one part to a great golf swing which is the up and down this is how we’re gonna boost
our power a little bit and get that club to release out in front of the golf ball so what I want you to do again put that
club across your shoulders hinge forward to where you’re in your posture we can rotate back and through we’re gonna
start with our feet together just like we did in the last drill this time as you step forward I’m gonna actually bend
down a little bit so as I start to make my backswing and I step forward I’m gonna go ahead and let my legs Bend a
little bit so this would be the wrong way to do this you see how my legs haven’t bent and I’m really high watch
my head and see how it lowers in this one so I’m squatting down almost like you’re gonna go down to grab a rebound
or something like that the only difference is I’m rotated back as I’m doing this so as I rotate back now I’m
squatting down look how my knees are gonna bend right so my legs are bending here as I’m loading into the ground and
then I follow through I’m gonna go ahead and extend let my legs come up and my chest is nice and high this is really
critical to golf swing a good golf swing we’re letting that lead shoulder get lower and we’re letting the hands turn
up and that whips the club through contact if I don’t ever get lower if I don’t ever load those legs I’m gonna
stay too high and I’m just gonna throw my arms and hands at the golf ball if I lower and get those legs working now I
can whip that golf club through contact so another 20 reps put the club across the shoulders step forward as we’re
making that backswing and this time you’re gonna load bend the legs and come all the way to full finish again I’ll do
a few more times for you so you can see what that looks like making sure that I step earlier I step forward as soon as I
start my swing and I go ahead and let the legs load let the legs extend and now got all three pieces
we haven’t worried about the hands and arms and worried about the club head yet that all comes next
but again rotation I’ve done my weight shift and I’ve done my vertical of the swing making things a lot simpler and
now all we have to do is add hands and arms which is one of the easiest parts alright so step number five let’s add
the hands and arms of this I’m gonna let my hands and arms team down if I was just to do the rotation piece you’d
notice that playing a glass again that’s on an angle I would let my arms swing on that plane of glass alright so they’re
not coming off at playing the glass that’s going to keep me in my posture in the golf swing that’s going to make the
golf swing really easy and consistent as I do this now number two we have that weight shift so again I’m gonna have my
hands and arms forward as my arms swing back I’m gonna step forward so as my arms go back my foot goes
forward from there I’m gonna squat and then I’m gonna come all the way onto my finish so again as my arms go back my
foot steps forward I’m gonna squat as I do this and then I’m gonna come all the way to my finish cuz that’s happening
that should look something like this that’s the golf swing that’s really what’s happening with your body as
you’re doing this and you’re building that muscle memory you’re making this automatic twenty more reps adding the
arm swing to that on that plane a glass now you’ll notice as my arms come to the full finish
I can only stay on that plane of glass to about here and then my foot has the swivel and around and I have to come to
my full finish so let your arms come wherever they well naturally when you come to the full finish with this don’t
worry about that but as I go back and as I come through contact I want them riding that plane of glass
so everything stays in my posture now finally we’re gonna add this Club this will be really easy once we can grain
the body motions and really the body motions would dictate what happens with the club
when the body motions get off that’s when we really struggle hitting the ball consistently and getting the club to do
what we want to do where our body motions our rotation our vertical our weight shifter off we have no chance of
making this club perform correctly so now I’m gonna set up the same way I did with my drills
I’m hinging forward putting my feet together as I swing back I’m gonna let my feet go forward let that step happen
and I’m gonna sink into the ground let my legs flex as I come through again that good full finish another 20 reps of
this let the club swing back stay in my posture really get those legs to work make sure I load into the ground so I’m
getting my verticals make sure I’m rotating back and rotating through all the way now the club is just working
through so we’ve built this in this drill you now you just want to recreate the same situate the same feelings
simulate the same feelings whenever you’re hitting a golf ball so as I keep my feet still now I’m going to have that
weight shift to the right as I go back I’m gonna make sure I make that good full turn as I go back as I start my
downswing or as my club gets moving just a little bit back I’m actually then having my weight shift to the left leg
so I’m gonna feel like I’m on my right foot shifting to the left foot and my legs are bending and then I’m finishing
my swing just like we did in the drills same sensations it’s just my feet aren’t moving now I’m having the same feeling
but my feet are staying fairly planted on the ground again remember let that right toe come all the way up when you
finish your swing follow these drills go through those reps golf’s gonna be a lot easier
all right so this price seems like a lot of steps for a simple golf swing but what makes it simple is that these are
easy to follow steps you don’t have to think about it it’s not a complicated move you just follow these drills
exactly as I describe them and you’re going to be well on your way to building a very efficient golf swing and hitting

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