Glo Mini Golf

Glo Mini Golf – Get ready to enjoy the ultimate mini-golfing experience!

Glo Mini Golf is an incomparable, high-tech, light-in-the-dark mini-golf course for those who love the outdoors in pursuit of perfection.

Our facility boasts hundreds of high-powered, LED lights that illuminate our entire course in a dazzling kaleidoscope of colorful light. Travel the globe with our 27-hole, Best in Show themed holes.

glo mini golf

Get on your way to the ultimate mini golf experience with our 27-hole, Best in Show-themed Eiffel Tower.

Light up the day with our nighttime experience, featuring a panoramic view of Paris.

Go from the Great Pyramids of Egypt right to the historic running of the bulls in Spain to Niagara Falls.

For added excitement, play the virtual video games: Texas Hold’em, Bingo, Pac-Man, and more!

“Spark your kids’ golfing enthusiasm with our award-winning Glo Mini Golf.

Glo Mini Golf allows you to bring your children indoors for an experience unlike any other. Glo Mini Golf’s innovative design and advanced technology provide the ultimate indoor mini-golf.

The exciting, new technology uses cutting-edge LED lights that will illuminate your miniature golf course for the ultimate in stealth lighting.

With all of the features and benefits of full-sized golf courses, this new indoor mini-golf system will provide hours of great family fun. No more running back and forth from your car to the course, just let us light up your course for you.

This year’s edition of the Paris Hilton show, “Paris Hilton: Secrets & Scandals” will include a new mini-golf course, ‘The Paris Hilton Garden’, which will allow you to play ‘Glo’ in your own backyard.

The Paris Hilton Garden will feature over three miles of indoor and outdoor terrain designed by award-winning landscape architect, Mark Sikes.

The Paris Hilton Garden will allow players to have their favorite luxury resorts all in one place.

This will give players the chance to escape the rat race and enjoy themselves while playing mini-golf.

Each round will feature a free live feed of Paris Hilton giving players the inside scoop on her famous meltdowns and other important moments.

The Eiffel Tower will also be there for your viewing pleasure.

If you love the thought of having the Paris Hilton Golf Show at your golf course, then why not make it an event by hosting a “Hilton Block Party” for your guests. Invite your favorite celebrities, famous golf pros, and Eiffel Tower contractors to come out and play some mini-golf at your course during the Paris Hilton show.

You can also have music and food trucks lined up on the course so that all of your guests can enjoy their stay.

The Paris Hilton show is only one of many amazing events happening around the globe, so don’t miss out on what’s going on out there.

For many people, a mini-golf course is an incredible experience because it allows them to relax, have a good time and play mini-golf with their friends and family in an affordable way.

By hosting your own mini-golf event in your backyard, you can not only have a good time with your guests, but you can also help sponsor a cause that you believe in.

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