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Dorf on Golf-Laugh out Loud Golf Comedy

Dorf on Golf Movie

Dorf on Golf is a DVD series created by noted golfer Tim Conway

“Dorf on Golf,” as the series is officially called, is basically a live comedy show that has been edited for length and includes funny moments.

It’s not just a bunch of Tim Conway doing corny lines, though. Much of the humor comes from Tim’s onscreen partner, played by Matt Giraud, who provides golfing advice and humor. The two of them make for a great duo, and it’s great seeing them both interacting on screen.

“Dorf on Golf” is subtitled “Dorf on the Golf,” which is short for “tom doggy golf.” I’m not exactly sure what the connection is between “Dorf” (an elderly man) and “on the golf course” (golf), but it does make for a fun contrast.

It would be impossible to make a movie with the same kind of humor without using the word “golf.”

Tim and Matt take their audience on an hour-long tour of golfing terminology, including the origin of the term, and explain the various words that describe different aspects of the sport.

They even go so far as to compare golf to the National Basketball Association, because of the constant physical activity involved in the game.

Although “Dorf on Golf is a 1987 movie starring Tim Burton and Matt Giraud,” it’s still a funny film.

I don’t think the writers and filmmakers were trying to intentionally create an “SNHO” (so-called because of its genre), but instead they probably just went with a popular movie title based on a very popular film.

Regardless, the film was a box office hit, and it helped to launch the careers of both Tim Burton and Matt Giraud.

After being told by his friend that he “ran out of golf balls” during an afternoon of babysitting his friend’s kids, a man named Ross tries desperately to find a “Dorf.” Arriving at his aunt’s house, he discovers an enormous pile of Dorf balls, which have apparently been thrown over the fence into her yard.

After finally locating a sizable selection, Ross determines that his aunt must have made a mistake, because the balls are not from her cat, and therefore cannot belong to her.

Because of this evidence, Ross is convinced that his aunt has hired a hitman to kill her husband, so he decides to track down his Dorf and confront his “accused” lover.

Having received some information about the location of the Dorf’s hideout, he tracks the hitman outside his aunt’s home and successfully captures him, however, he cannot help overhearing one of the hit man’s grunts as he’s being shot.

Using his German-derived vocabulary skills, the hitman tells Ross everything he knows about his plan to frame his aunt for the murder, and the pair of them escape from the house in the car driven by a hitman.

Before they can leave, though, the Dorf notices a surveillance team tailing them, and as he threatens to inform his cousin of their arrest if he ever sees his cousin again, the surveillance team decides to ambush him.

At this point, Dorf notices a strange smell that he identifies as “gravel,” and decides to use the real grass clippings he finds on the side of the road.

As he walks along, he overhears two men talking to each other in English and identifies them as two detectives.

As he walks past a dumpster, he sees a man hanging laundry out of a window, and walks up to the window and asks the men what he is doing. One of the detectives tells him that it’s illegal to sleep on the side of the road, and when he asks why, the other detective replies, “just like your mom.”

Confronted with the evidence he uncovered involving his lover’s murder, and his own lack of proof, the dorf realizes it is high time he confessed to the crime. But what exactly happened over the weekend he and Tim were supposed to be at an AA meeting?

Dorf on Golf is a hilarious movie based on the character created by funnyman Tim Conway. Worth a watch.

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