Arundel Golf Park Located In South Texas

For some reason, Arundel Golf Park has been getting a bit of bad press.

Perhaps you have not visited it, but you may have heard about it. The last time I was there, I made a terrible error. I headed over there without really having a plan and ended up wasting a whole afternoon.

arundel golf park

I arrived at the glen burnie golf course by car.

The first thing I noticed was lots of people had already come to try the various driving ranges.

The one major issue was that there were only two reasonable options for the eighteen-hole golf course – a par three course or a mini-golf course.

Due to some poor selling on the golf course, the majority of people were heading over to try the miniature golf instead. So I decided to start playing the eighteen-hole golf course. Let me tell you about what I learned during my time there.

I went with the goal in mind that I wanted to pick up some clubs available. Knowing that the eighteen-hole golf park had some decent stuff, I figured that it would be a great place to start.

So I went over to the Arundel Golf Park pro shop and got some clubs available.

I knew that the pros there had a good variety of clubs available.

I also noticed that the pro shop manager was trying to sell some clubs available, so I naturally assumed this meant that the club selection there wasn’t very good.

When I arrived at the Arundel Golf Park golf course, I was surprised to find that there were not a lot of people around. The place was empty. This caused me to assume that there was no one at the 18 hole mini-golf course to give me driving lessons. I was pretty wrong.

A couple of women were standing by the pro shop selling some clubs.

They told me that they had gotten the courses map and had taken the power tee station down. They told me that the pro shop manager was there in a few minutes.

I told them that I was just going to take a look, and they told me to come with them.

Once we got there, I was told to put on my golf instruction lesson shirt.

I was then shown to my golfing area. They had put some tee stations there for my practice, but no real golf instruction.

I wasn’t expecting this, since the drive I was taking from the club range was supposed to last a half-hour. I was a little shocked that I wasn’t getting golf instruction since I paid almost $100 for an hour of golf instruction at Arundel Golf Park

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